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Hebei Zidong Pump Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture to offer high grade slurry pumps, sand gravel pumps,large dredging pumps and pump spare parts. Our pumps are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal washing, power plant, dredging, chemical and petroleum industries to solve all hard working condition with high aggressive, abrasive, thick, or solid-filled slurries. Zidong Pump mainly focus on international high standard pumps and effective project design solutions. Over 20years development, we have passed ISO and CE,UL ect certifications, we owned modern standard workshops,NCN equipment, advanced testing tools, strictly QC team, large performance testing center to guarantee each spare parts and pumps in 100% international quality.

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We design pumps to handle abrasive applications better and last longer, reducing the lifetime cost of equipment and reducing the frequency of downtime.


Strong sales & service support team.
Oversea on-site maintenance & technical guidance


Established in 1999 Zidong Pumps delivers innovative solutions for difficult and challenging pumping applications with an uncompromising focus on reliability.


State-of-the-art Manufacturing Infrastructure.
Readily available pump & parts stock.
Expertise of handling more than 5000 fluids across 25+ industries

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Latest News

  • Exciting News, 90 Sets of Slurry Pumps will be Delivered to Mining in South America

    One batch high international grade mining slurry pumps are deliveried to oversea market by a 40HQ . We are keeping good relationship with some of mining companies in South America. In the past 15 years, we have provided a large number of water pumps and slurry pumps to those mining companies. We have completed a batch of new slurry pumps recently, total above 90 sets of…

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  • A New High-Efficiency Sand Dredging Pump CSD550 is Approaching Production!

    With the end of 2021, a high-efficiency sand dredging pump CSD550 ( replace the GrT 7500/23 dredge pump on the Bulgar dredger of Russian production with a Dutch-made IHC 5-40-70 dredge pump)specially designed by Zidong is approaching production from design communication, modification and performance optimization. It is the best gift for users and Zidong pump in 2022 new year. Look forward to the completion of production…

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  • 14inch sand pumping machine with diesel shipping

    Zidong Pump company focus on high standard centrifugal slurry pump & sand dredging pumps over 20 years. Recently, We finished one new pump project for one of our America customer. 2 sets of Robust sand dredging pump 14x12-ZG Inlet diameter: 14" (350mm), outlet diameter 12" (300mm). Whole kid machine,including heavy duty sand pump + WEICHAI diesel engine + Advance brand gearbox and cooling system accessories mounted…

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  • 26inch Big Dredging Pump With Cummins Diesel Ready

    Pump Model: 26x20inch (650mminlet x 500mmdischarge) Pump capacity: 5500m3/h , sand production: 1000-1000m3/h Delivery distance: 1500-200m Suggest Gear: FADA or Advance 1200 Suggest Diesel Power: 1800-2000HP Wet part component: Cr27% high chromium wear-resistant alloy Durable working life: Over 10months Oversea market using with high grade component parts. The assembly was completed by Zidong's 30-year assembly experience engineer. During the operation test, the bearing has no heat,…

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