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• The foundry was built in 2000.
• Automated casting production lines was introduced in 2005.
• 7M large vertical lathe was introduced for large size dredging spare parts in 2010.
• New modern workshops was built in 2013.
• Spray-baking booth and large pump testing center was built in 2015.
• In 2011, we won a bid from U.N and become a qualified U.N project supplier;
• In 2012, we shipped hundreds of Cr28 slurry pump for the biggest steel factory in Korea with a local pump company;
• In 2013, we designed a 26inch underwater dredging pumps together with Qingzhou dredger;
• In 2015, we measured and built high chrome alloy OEM spare parts for client in USA;
• In 2016, we designed an advanced low base sand gravel pumps for The Netherlands;
• In 2017, we began a pump supplying for a Multinational joint venture locating in china;
• In 2018, we designed and built 28/24 new type dredging pumps to increase capacity from 8000m3/h to 9000m3/h.