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ZN500 Cabin and Underwater Combined Operation Sand Extraction Pump

Project Description: Deep sand suction job, sand depth of 35 meters, daily sand output requirement is not less than 13,200 cubic meters, and transportation distance is 3000 meters.

Pump Selection:

1set 26x20inch ZN500 Cabin pump (pump integrated gearbox)
1 set 26x20inch ZN500 under water pump
Pump capacity: 5500m3/h
Single set transportation distance: 1500-2000m
Two sets combined operation, one in Cabin, and the other in Underwater ladder.

Repair the internal condition of accessories after 1 year of operation:

Customer relationship verification:

This client had been using dredging pumps supplied by an America brand. However, due to fierce market competition, they decided that wanted to replace the existing pumps and wanted to select other brands of products. So they came to China and visited almost all of the factories in Shijiazhuang.

Finally, Zidong pump satisfied the customers’ demands thanks to our outstanding quality system and dredge pump meeting international standards. We became the first to obtain qualified supplier qualification.

Our products have gradually replaced the clients’ old pumps and have been installed on their new dredgers.

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