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OEM Pump casing of ZN550

If you see a pump, which part of it is most visible?

Yes, it’s the pump casing.

Pump casing as one of the main components of a pump, first of all to be stable and durable, and it would be better if it could be lighter and prettier. These advantages are all possessed by the ZN550 pump casing.

1.This pump casing is optimized by hydraulic analysis, so as to improve the overall efficiency.

2. And we consider that the thickness of the pump casing is not enough. We use high chromium alloy material with high hardness. So when the pump casing is worn, it is easy to cause cracking and damage when it is hit by stones. That’s whywe addReinforcing strip without increasing the thickness to enhance the strength of the pump casing.

3. Another improvement of ZN550 is support legs are added to the pump casing. Its function is to facilitate installation and improve the overall operation stability of the whole pump.

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