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Maldives Hotel Beach Sand Recycling Pump

The model of this submersible sand pump is NSQ600-15-55KW.

It has good performance with the parameters as below:

  • Flow rate: 600m3/h
  • Head: 15m
  • Speed: 980r/min
  • Power: 55Kw
  • Working voltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3phase.

And its sealing method is mechanical seal with the advantages of no leakage, easy assembly and good vibration resistance.

Wet parts made of 27% high chrome alloy material is much more wear-resistant.

And the cable length is customized depending on your working condition.

In addition to pumping sand, it can also be applied in the fields of sewage treatment plant, hydroelectric sediment cleanup, concentrator tailings, coal slurry cleanup, power plant coal transportation, and etc.