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The daily maintenance of heat transfer pumps

1, heat pump long-term disabled, need to pump all open, dry water, the rotation of the site and the combination of grease installed, properly protected.

2, heat transfer pump to stop using, first turn off the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

3, heat pump in the first month of work, after 100 hours to replace the oil, after each 500 hours, oil change once.

4, often check the hot oil pump inlet and outlet support point is loose, to prevent the heat pump because the support is not in place to make the pump to withstand external forces.

5, jog motor, try the motor steering is correct.

6, start the motor, when the heat transfer pump normal operation, open the outlet pressure gauge and import the vacuum pump as it shows the appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve, while checking the motor load situation.

7, if found to have an abnormal sound of the heat pump should immediately stop the cause of the check.

8, heat transfer pump in the course of operation, the bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature 35C, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80C.

9, try to control the flow of heat pump and head in the range marked on the plate to ensure that the heat transfer pump in the most efficient operation, in order to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.

10, regularly check the heat pump bearing and seal the wear and tear, wear a large after the replacement should be timely.

11, the heat pump in the use of the winter season, after stopping, the need to re-open the lower part of the pump oil loos will put the media put the net. Prevent moisture from containing oil in the heat transfer.


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