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Slurry pump industry application

Slurry pump can be widely used in mining. Electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries conveying abrasive slurry containing solid particles. Such as metallurgy concentrator slurry transportation. Hydraulic ash thermal power plants, coal preparation plant and coal heavy medium slurry transportation, dredging, river dredging. In the chemical industry, but also transport some of the crystals containing corrosive slurry. First, in concentrator applications. About 80% are used in the mining industry concentrator. Since the primary ore more serious condition. Therefore, in this section, the slurry pump life is generally low. Of course, different ore, abrasive is not the same. Concentrate as in transportation and other abrasive section relative decrease. Overall pump life will be longer. So the average user in the procurement process to the life of frequently asked question when the supplier's products. Strictly speaking, any manufacturer, so the user will not be without a commitment to accurate life cycle basis. Because the flow components of life (wear resistant member) of life depends on a variety of factors. Diversity and complexity lead to the same quality of material life conditions are different. But in the pre-selection phase allows the strength of the manufacturers make their selection design and reasonable working conditions. At present, China mainly thermal power plants and hydroelectric power. In thermal power plants, since the large number of coal-fired generation. Fired after the slag or ash needs to be cleared. Slurry pump is used in addition to the role of ash. After the slag by mixing a certain amount of water. By ash slurry pump to be delivered to the stacking place. It is sometimes also become a power plant ash slurry pumps in the pump. Again, in the coal washing industry, due to the different conditions, a large coal gangue easy jam. For slurry pump design demanding. Huaibei Mining Bureau under a coal washing plant in 2005 using specially designed to replace the original imports from Australia Slurry. So far in normal operation, transporting large coal gangue without clogging. Use wear life than imported pumps.

Selected sands in the sea. Slurry pump application also began to be recognized by customers. But the election of sand in the sea. In the river dredging. More likely to be called sand pump slurry pump, dredging pump. Although it is called mixed. But from a performance principle and structural characteristics of the pump terms. They are known as slurry pumps. Therefore, in this sea of sand we choose often called sand pump. On the inside I used to call river dredging dredging pumps. Although widespread use of slurry pump. However, the correct application is very important. Slurry due to the limitations of its name itself makes some non-industry people misunderstand. In fact, the mud pump, trash pump, dredging pump, dredging pump slurry pump range of applications and so on. Slurry pump application process. We must pay attention to reasonable design. Correct calculation. Suitable selection. These points are very important.


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