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Slurry Pump Working Principle

Generally applicable to transport liquid pump (water) containing suspended solids called slurry pump. Currently beneficiation, coal preparation plant one of each process equipment indispensable. Slurry different principles can be divided into single-stage,multi-stage,single-suction,double suction, cantilevered, horizontal, vertical and horizontal split case pump,vertical combination and other types. As shown, the basic structure of the impeller, the pump casing, shaft, bearing and carriage components. Power also includes an electric motor. On the wheel or belt wheel couplings. Wear parts also includes a liner sleeve and the like. Seal includes a seal, vice impeller. The support member includes a bracket and so on. But the internal principle is the same. When the impeller is rotated rapidly. Prompting media quickly rotating blade. Rotating media from flying out of the impeller in the centrifugal force. Medium pump was thrown back. Forming the central portion of the impeller of the vacuum region. Medium at atmospheric pressure (or pressure) to the role of the pressure inside the feed pipe through the pipe network. This endless cycle. It can achieve continuous feed. To achieve the head and flow requirements of the design process. Of course, the way the current use of feed-in pressure. That material level higher than the feed tube. The step may be subtracted from the pump housing to the inside of pipes or irrigation.

Slurry pump working principle

First, talk about the relationship between the centrifugal pump and slurry pump. Then slurry pump principle is naturally clear. Centrifugal pump principle from the concept of speaking. There are many types of pumps. Depending on the angle can be divided into dozens of categories. Centrifugal pumps are divided from the pump works. By centrifugal force to achieve the process for delivery of pressurized medium. Another common species include screw principle. The plunger principle, etc., may be divided into different from the principle of centrifugal pumps. Having centrifugal pump concept. Besides slurry pump. Slurry is from another point of view to divide the pump. From the transmission medium to division. As the name suggests, slurry transport is a mixture containing solid particles and waste water. But in principle belongs to a centrifugal slurry pump. The main components of the centrifugal pump impeller and housing. Impeller means positioned within the housing axis. And a prime mover connected to form a whole. When the prime mover drives the impeller to rotate. Impeller blades to force the fluid rotation. That fluid acting on the blade along its direction of motion. Thereby forcing the fluid pressure of potential and kinetic energy increases. at the same time. Fluid inertial force under. Flow from the center to the edge of the impeller. And flowing at high speed impeller. Press out into the room, and then discharged through the diffuser, a process known as pressurized water process. At the same time, the center of the impeller due to fluid flow edge. A low pressure area in the center of the impeller. When it has enough time vacuum. Under pressure suction side effects (usually atmospheric pressure). Fluid through the suction chamber into the impeller. This process is called absorption process. Due to the continuous rotation of the impeller. Fluid will continuously discharge, inhalation form a continuous work. Centrifugal pumps (including slurry pumps) work process. In fact, it is an energy transfer and conversion process. It will speed rotation of the motor mechanical energy. Transfer and conversion to be pumped liters of fluid pressure energy and kinetic energy through the vane pump.


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