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Single-stage Centrifugal Slurry Structure

Single-stage Centrifugal slurry structure Main components: pump housing

There are two kinds of fractional pump casing axially split and radial agent. Most are single-stage centrifugal pump volute casing type. Radially split multistage centrifugal pump housing is generally circular annular housing or housing. Usually volute casing pump chamber spiral-type runner. For collecting liquid flowing out from the impeller. And directed diffusion tube to the pump outlet. The pump casing to withstand the heat load of the entire operating pressure and liquid.


The impeller is only acting member. Pump liquid through the impeller acting. Structure type impellers are closed, open, semi-open three. Closed by the impeller blades, the front cover, back cover composition. Semi-open impeller by the blade and rear cover plates. Only open impeller blades. No front cover. High efficiency closed impeller. Open impeller efficiency is low.

The sealing ring

The role of the sealing ring is to prevent the pump leakage and external leakage. Wear resistant material seal ring. Inlay on the cover and the pump casing around the impeller. Can be replaced after wear.

The shaft and bearing

Impeller shaft fixed at one end. One end of the coupling device. Because the shaft for transmitting power. And high-speed rotation. In the transport of water and other non-corrosive media pump. Usually 45 steel. And quenching and tempering treatment. Depending on the size of the pump. Rolling bearings and plain bearings can be used.


Mechanical seals seal seal generally have two kinds of packing. Usually both pumps are located into juice loaded packing. But installed mechanical seal.


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