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How to choose a small suction pump

1. Small suction pump in the transport distance is close, in the matching pipe to determine the size of the case, you can choose a larger flow than the matching pipe suction pump. In this case, the flow of water within the pipeline faster, you can carry more proportions of sediment, you can achieve high concentrations of sand.
2. Transport distance is close, the suction pump supporting the power is greater than the standard pump supporting power. Close delivery, the head down, the flow increases, the pipeline flow rate increases, the concentration of sand will rise. If the configuration power is too small, will cause power overload.
3. When pumping large particles or pebbles and more, try to choose the pump flow a little bigger, so that the flow rate within the pipeline a little larger, then the pump suction more suction, so as to better absorb more pebbles.


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