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Heat transfer pump noise and regular replacement maintenance

The main reason for the large noise of the heat pump is due to the damage of the bearing or the heat pump in the circulation due to the high temperature cavitation phenomenon and the vibration of the heat pump support instability caused by vibration and other reasons:

In the daily production of regular heat pump maintenance, cleaning, timely replacement of the bearing chamber to the bearing lubrication of oil. Once the bearing damage should be replaced in time to avoid damage to other parts of the pump. Replace the bearing, please be sure to buy high temperature and high temperature bearings.

If the long-term continuous operation of the hot oil pump, the user in the course of the use of the bearing chamber oil is not often replaced, resulting in long-term bearing in the case of poor lubrication conditions, long-term high-speed operation caused by damage to the heat pump bearings, heat pump will inevitably produce noise.

Although the use of heat transfer pump is not a lot of relationship with the season, but continuous work for some time (generally 2000 hours), the regular replacement of the pump bearing cavity lubricants, you can extend the pump shaft, bearing, sealed use time, Impeller centrifugal pump products, the core operating parts is the bearing, sealing and shaft processing accuracy, timely maintenance of these parts of the key work is to regularly replace the pump cavity lubricants, according to the replacement of waste lubricants can determine the heat transfer oil The quality and the number of internal impurities and the degree of sealing wear in order to replace the corresponding parts in time!

The heat transfer oil pump is an indispensable pump transmission equipment in the domestic and foreign thermal cycle exchange equipment. Because of the high speed operation of the equipment, it is used in the whole heat exchange equipment, and it belongs to the fragile equipment. Maintenance and maintenance work to keep up with the words, still can be used for a long time.


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