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Diving mud pump in the work of the problem should be how to deal with

In the pumping sand pump work, where the working environment will inevitably have complicated conditions, such as sand and water mixture concentration is too high, sand and stone weeds twist pump pump impeller, etc., resulting in pump source power motor overload, Voltage is too high or too low, the current is too large or too small cause damage to the motor stator burner, which need to be equipped with control cabinet protection pump and source power motor.
Diving mud pump according to different needs, control cabinet is divided into liquid level control, pressure control type, temperature control type, time control type, air conditioning control type, submersible sewage pump type and fire control type seven types, and has Main circuit short circuit, phase loss, overload, overcurrent and special pump pump leakage, stator winding over temperature protection. In addition, the various types of single-control, a variety of pumping sand pump with the main, alternate control mode, the main, control products are faulty with the main pump automatically cut off, spare pump automatically into the water stop, automatic exchange rotation , Super water level shutdown alarm and other functions.
Mud pump in the course of the use will inevitably encounter problems, usually on a regular basis for mud pumps and other machinery inspection, maintenance, early problems to be resolved, so as to avoid downtime. Construction should pay attention to the size of sediment particles, particles will often check the muddy parts of the mud pump in order to timely repair or replacement.
Mud pump is easy to damage the components of the pump shell, bearings, impellers and so on. Diving mud pump using advanced anti-wear measures to improve the service life of vulnerable parts, can reduce the input of the project to improve production efficiency. At the same time should be prepared vulnerable parts, in case of timely replacement. Construction schedule and construction management Construction, mud pump continuous normal work in order to make it the highest efficiency. Therefore, there must be a reasonable schedule, strict management system.


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