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100ZJ-I-A33 Tailings Slurry Pump Slurry Pump Design Flow

Since the flow of slurry pump body. Pulp mill to slurry pump bearing the body parts have an impact and friction. Causing bearing wear member blemishes. Obviously, the same pulp and traffic. The slower the flow rate of the slurry. Pump bearing wear parts wear more slowly. Longer pump life. Since the slurry flow into the pump body is smaller. Slurry flow rate of the pump body is also lower. Therefore, in order to extend the life of slurry pump. Slurry pump design flow to be as small as possible. But not too small. Otherwise, make the operating point of the pump in inefficient area of the pump. Pump efficiency is too low.

If you choose the high zone operating point traffic. Although the efficiency is improved. But analysis shows that the pump characteristic curve. Efficient District operating point of the pump flow rate is relatively large. It can cause the pump body slurry flow rate is too high. Thus it will reduce pump life. Pump flow can only be selected as close as possible effective area at the operating point. But not the most efficient operating point. Just to try to get more efficient. Due to the relatively high cost of slurry pump. The power consumption is relatively low cost. After technical and economic comparison. Select the traffic is not the most efficient operating point of the flow rate is at the lowest possible cost. Get the longest life.

In the selection and design of the pump. In the case equipped with electrical power constant. Traffic should be as small as possible. This reduces unnecessary power. The electric depletion possibly saved. Selection of the correct technical and economic comparison. It is more due to reduced pump flow and operating life savings due to lower equipment costs and increase the efficiency of the pump and power consumption costs. The current signal exceeds the time. Selection is correct. Mainly because the cost of the pump and motor is compared. Including motor cost and power consumption. So pump selection power should not exceed the general motor power. Such pump selection is reasonable.

When the pump at different flow efficiency closer. That is when the pump characteristic curve is relatively flat. It should be possible to pump flow is small. Not less than the critical slurry settling velocity limit. You can even use a larger pump and a high power motor. To reduce the relative velocity of slurry and slurry pump flow components. So that the slurry pump up life at the lowest cost.


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