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We are a professional manufacturer to offer high quality slurry pumps, sand gravel pumps,large dredging pumps & pumps spare parts. All our parts have Cr28 top Level with hardness over 62HRC.

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IS clean water pump set

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 IS clean water pump overview         

IS&IR series single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal pump is provided in accordance with international standards IS02858 performance and size of the design, its technical standards are to international standards, reached to the international advanced level. It’s china’s promotion of energy-saving pumps.

 IS clean water pump feature            

a) Simple in structure、easy maintenance and reliable performance;
b) Small size and light weight;
c) Anti-cavitation performance and low power consumption;
d)Total 140 kinds of specifications, but only in four axis, the same specification of the shaft, bearings, seals, to exchange; full range of pump suspension is only four.

 IS clean water pump application      

a) Water supply for industry and city
b) Water drainage
c) Agricultual irrigation

 IS clean water pump model meaning

Ex: IS,IR 100-80-160A

IS,IR: Accordance with the international standard pumps

100:  Inlet Diameter 100 (mm)
80:   Discharge Outlet Diameter  80  (mm)

160: Name impeller diameter (mm)
A:   Impeller with the first cut


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Hebei Zidong Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture to offer high quality slurry pumps, sand gravel pumps,large size dredging pumps, sewage & chemical pumps and pumps spare parts.
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